Guuden Daach in dor SACHSEN EXPRESS VA

We welcome our fellow human beings in the most beautiful dialect. This VA is based on a crazy idea of two Saxons and an aircraft that is considered one of the best, the Majestic Dash8-Q400. For this reason, we started with only one type of aircraft and the corresponding flight schedules. In the meantime, however, our fleet has grown a little and different aircraft types are used for different tasks.
The fleet has been adapted to Prepar3Dv4 and XPlane.

Become a member

In principle, it is quite simple. Click on “Register “, fill in the fields and send the deregistration. This still needs to be activated by an administrator.

You have fulfilled all the requirements and can now fly the flight plan of our virtual airline as you wish. In future you will log in via “Pilot Centre” in the top right-hand corner. Once you are logged in, you will directly reach the pilot panel.



IVAO – is a network for all aviation enthusiasts who want to pursue their hobby from their home PC – just for fun or even to stay in flying shape. Pilots as well as pilots are offered an atmosphere as real as possible in a friendly environment through a real-time system.

Our team

  • Patrick (dor Scheff)
  • Vivian (dor zwede Scheff)
  • Andreas (fir de Flischer vorandwordlisch)
  • Marten (guggt noach X-Plane)
  • Sascha (gnaubeld an de Douren)

Live Flights